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Using Educational Technology to Provide Feedback

Many online educators look for ways to offer meaningful feedback to their students enrolled in a course hosted on a learning management system, and using educational technology is one way that they might accomplish that goal.


Technology in Schools: Discovering the Best Option for Your Institution

Technology in schools offers a plethora of options when deciding what to integrate into an institution’s technological repertoire. When making these decisions, administrators and faculty alike should keep certain institutional needs in mind, including student and faculty need, organizational culture, and level of technological support.


Different Types of Functions in e-learning Platforms

Many of us have heard of an e-learning platform, but what is this really and what is its true function? How does each type differ from another? With the fluctuations in course platforms and delivery in the online world, the vast choice of e-learning platforms can be daunting, but is better determined by what the school and instructor desire and the functionalities provided by each.


Using Technology to Enhance Learning in the Online Classroom

What are some ways to use technology in teaching online? As online education grows and develops a stronger presence, technology in teaching (particularly used in exchanges with students among themselves as well as the course instructor) are being utilized to create a dynamic learning environment and expand student engagement.


Point-of-Need Learning: A Passport to E-learning Solutions

Today’s online students need quick access to high quality learning materials, such as library resources, clear definitions of terms, technical assistance, and extension activities. Point-of-Need Learning forms the basis of today’s E-learning Solutions.


Using Learning Technologies to Create Community in the College Classroom

Learning technologies, when properly integrated into the online, hybrid or face-to-face college classroom, may serve a multitude of purposes, including creating community. While there are a variety of learning technologies available in today’s educational climate, two span both ends of the community creation spectrum, the class-specific discussion board and the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which has the capability to draw in students by the thousands.