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Using Learning Technologies to Create Community in the College Classroom

Learning technologies, when properly integrated into the online, hybrid or face-to-face college classroom, may serve a multitude of purposes, including creating community. While there are a variety of learning technologies available in today’s educational climate, two span both ends of the community creation spectrum, the class-specific discussion board and the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which has the capability to draw in students by the thousands.


Learning Management System Definition and Bloom’s Taxonomy

What is a Learning Management System definition? With the rise of student populations in e-learning venues, Learning Management Systems (particular software programs) are being harnessed to gauge student progress and assess growth and learning.


Online Learning Systems for Today’s Diverse Students

Students in today’s online classrooms are more diverse than ever before. Learners come from various backgrounds and thus have diverse learning needs and expectations. These diverse needs and expectations can be met via quality Online Learning Systems.


Online Learning Education: Discovering the Best Recipe for Success

Online learning education continues to grow in virtually every area of higher education. No matter the method of course delivery, hybrid or completely online, certain pedagogical elements must be taken into account in order to deliver quality instruction.


It’s a Brave New Collaborative Learning Culture

Collaborative learning occurs when two or more people use various modalities, applying knowledge to capitalize on each other’s ideas thus accelerating learning outcomes. Students educate each other. There is greater learning depth because students are more likely to take academic risks. Emotional bravery is the substance of collaborative learning.