A True Virtual Campus includes ...

The ideal learning model

Vcamp360 is built to mirror the way teaching and learning has occurred for centuries. It is the only platform that supports faculty’s need for academic originality without sacrificing the student’s need for consistency and clarity. Using a four tiered model, students read-attend-discuss-complete. Faculty build and create the content within these tiers to create a consistent look and feel for students while simultaneously meeting the unique substantive needs of the course objectives.

Superconductive Learning Management System™

Provide your own material or link to publisher's content to provide direct access to reading and other materials for students.

Provide original digital media to allow a more dynamic experience for students.

Create dynamic asynchronous student-instructor and student-student dialogue through discussion boards.

Develop assignments that support course learning objectives. Customize these assignments the way you want them.

Superconductive LMSTM

Vcamp360 provides a Superconductive Learning Management System™ for students wanting to complete their college degree online. By providing a consistent and predictable learning experience for all students, the typical obstacles that most online students experience are removed with the easy and intuitive platform. With Vcamp360, a student can simply focus their time and energy on learning the course material, not the platform.

An Indispensable Solution

Vcamp360 offers an all in one solution for the administrative team at a price that you can afford.

A full service virtual campus
A solution that is scalable for 1 class, or 1000
Technical and service support when you need it
Tools that ensure standards are met

24/7 Support for All Users
At no additional cost

  • U.S. based technology support
  • Available to all users – faculty, students and administrators
  • Satisfaction rate consistently above 98%